Miri Dravovich

A rebellious Drow elf rogue.


A Drow rogue, born into noblity, who rejected Drow ways. Wields a rapier, homemade dagger, stolen guard dagger, and stolen Drow guard shortsword.


Miri was a Drow born into a noble family. Miri always questioned the Drow’s ways, and found their murdertocrasy to be utterly insane and stupid. She spent years trying to plan an escape from the underdark, to her parents dismay. She quickly adopted the human name “Miri,” as she wanted to separate herself from her Drow heritage. She briefly heard rumor of a Drow city, far off, worshiping a god opposite to that of normal Drow. She began to research, and began to follow the teachings of this god, in rebellian. Once she had her plan ready, on her 100th birthday, she fled the underdark and the confines of her home, and escaped into the sunlit surface. But she soon found out that sunlight caused her vision to blur, rendering her almost blind. She tried to compensate for this by wearing a hood so she could see in something in front of her face. But, she was captured by guards hired by her parents and brought to a prison camp along with a few other adventurers.

Miri Dravovich

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