Out Of The Abyss

The Escape

Our adventure begins with our heroes captured, bound, blinded, and gaged, and brought to a prison camp in the Underdark. Our 2 heros, Miri Dravovich, and Mordrin Eronile, awake, and find themselves near hopelessly trapped, and unarmed. They found themselfs trapped with a fish like creature named Shuushar (the awakened), a gnome sized creature named Jim Jar, a Dwarven Women named Eldaf, a strange creature named Buppido, along with 2 strange, twin creatures. There were 3 other, less noticble prisoners, notibly, another drow, a orc, and a myconid sprout

Miri, a former Drown Noble turned rebel and rogue, attempts to escape with her personal lockpicks, but is seen and stopped by the guards and a strange drow women, who appeared to lead the guards. Miri is then attacked by the guards and this drow, and the cell is reinforced with more guards.

Mordrin, a enigmatic wood elven druid, noticed a small myconid, and when he went near he was blasted with spores, and could hear the myconid in his head. He was informed that there was a small exit to the cell. He told Miri about this, and she convinced the other prisoners to follow her and Mordrin down the hole the first chance they got. Luckily, the guards were quickly called away to deal with an emergency. The party, excluding the other drow and the orc, all went down the pit and went into a sort of barracks.

Immediately, the group was assaulted by a quaggoth entering the chamber. Miri armed herself with a set of pliers, and beat it over the arm as it entered the room. The twin creatures then clawed into the beast and knocked it prone. Mordrin took advantage of this, and burnt the beast's hairs to a crisp. The creature was finished off by a blow to the head from Miri. 

The party moved on to a hallway, where they encountered a small box. Miri attempted to open it, and then her hand was bitten into by the mimic she attempted to open. Mordrin killed the mimic before it could do lasting damage to Miri, and they proceeded onwards.

The next room was filled with boxes, mostly of confiscated gear. Miri armed herself with her Rapier, homemade and guard dagger, and proceed to arm the rest of the party. Jim Jar and Buppido both received a shortsword, the myconid received a dagger, Eldaf received a warhammer, and Buppidio and Shuusar received no extra weapons. 

Suddenly, a Quaggoth entered the chamber, but quickly ducked away after seeing Miri. Mordrin coaxed it to return, and the party found out it was Price Derendril, a high elf cursed into a quaggoth. He joined the party, and they returned to the starting chamber. 

They found another quaggoth, but quickly killed it, given their better equipment.

The party returned to the cell, and opened the now unlocked door and left, only to find a half spider half drow in front of them, and then Miri's vision began to blur…


gummyDino Couriadore

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